Giuliana et bill season 7

But after seven seasons of filming, the couple decided to take a step. The fifth season then out performed the fourth, with over 528,000 viewers. Giuliana and bill rancic opened their home to television crews and e. Why you never hear about giuliana rancics son duke youtube. As bill jets off to chicago to continue work on their new home, giuliana.

The couple, who first met when giuliana was interviewing bill for e. The fourth season of giuliana and bill became its most watched season, with over 23% viewers and 11% of women between 18 and 49. The couple asked the woman who carried their first child duke if she. In the season premiere, giuliana and bill are obsessed with their little baby dukeso. The real reason giuliana rancic ended her reality tv show after. Watch giuliana and bill season 7 episode 2 episode 2. The real reason you dont hear from bill rancic anymore. In the season finale, the couple find out about their surrogates pregnancy status, giuliana.

Giuliana and bill rancic talk family, future and baby dukes. Bill and giuliana rancic join wendy for her annual halloween show and tell us about their son who. Giuliana and bill is an american reality television series that premiered on the style network on august 5, 2009. News host, and host of fashion police, giuliana rancic and her husband bill rancic, an american entrepreneur who won the first season of the apprentice. Its a whole new world for giuliana and bill as they experience the joys and. As gestational carrier delphine weighs the couples proposal to go through the process again, giuliana stresses over the prospect of having to find another perfect fit. Giuliana and bill rancic might own 6 restaurants together, but giuliana insists the cooking gene.

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