Benchmark dac1 vs dac1 hdr software

Im owning a benchmark dac1 pre, and for usb im using vlink 192, and i cant wait as well for ur conclusion about this test. The dac1 also did a great job at driving the akg 701s, which is notoriously tough to drive. Looking forward to your obervations, as im thinking of grabbing a dac1 very soon and will hear one next week. The benchmark dac1 hdr is discontinued and has been replaced by the dac2. All digital inputs on the dac1 hdr including the usb feature benchmarks. The dac2 hgc is benchmarks topofthe line dac, replacing the dac1 hdr. On release this model quickly became a standard in recording and mixing. Some observations about the benchmark dac1 pink fish media. Benchmark media systems dac1 hdr preamplifier tas 204. In his july 2003 the fifth element column, john marks enthusiastically wrote about the benchmark media systems dac1 da processor and headphone amplifier.

The dac1 is a referencequality, 2channel 192khz 24bit audio digitaltoanalog converter featuring benchmarks ultralock technology. However, this difference when compared to the xda2 is very small. My selecting it was somewhat influenced by a nice, long email conversation with stereophile editor john atkinson a few years ago where he confirmed that the benchmark engineers paid a lot of attention to circuit board layout and careful design in order to achieve exceptionally good measured performance. Review and measurements of benchmark dac1 usb dac audio. The benchmark dac1 usb is far more than a lightweight, inexpensive dacpreamp that performs remarkably well for the price.

I didnt expect the dac1 hdr to outshine my old dac1 as much as it did. The benchmark dac1 hdr is discontinued and has been replaced by the dac2 hgc. I have found a certain configuration to get the best out of the dac1. Marantz hddac1 digitaltoanalog converter the audio.

To my mind, it is the beginning of a new era in audio, in which the regeneration of the recorded signal has become a solved problem. Comparing its sound playing cds with that of a threetimesmoreexpensive marantz sa14 sacd player, he concluded that the dac 1s red book performance was at least as good as that of the marantz, being slightly more articulate in. Up for sale is a benchmark dac1 hdr in very good condition. Only if the levels are still too high even with 20db jumpers would i then use the volume pot below max, but still not below 12 oclock. Linn odysseybenchmark hdrj river media center software.

I used this in my main system only on weekends in pet, smoke, child free environment. Benchmark dac1 hdr the dac1 hdr is a referencequality 2channel digitaltoanalog audio converter with remote control. It takes highresolution spectral analysis to uncover the dac1 pres. Benchmark dac1 vs dac1 hdr audiogon discussion forum. The dac1 hdr spent a fair amount of time in my bedroom system with the wadia 170i and an ipod full of uncompressed files. In all of these cases, were talking xtrme audio efforts and these folks rely on or seriously consider benchmark for their digital conversion stages.

Beginning with the original dac1 and continuing with its fourth variant the dac1 hdr benchmark has consistently improved this series of components and remained an audiophile favorite. Benchmark dac1 hdr instruction manual pdf download. The base dac1, and dac1usb only accept digital inputs however, where the dac1pre and hdr also have an analog input set. The dac1 hdr, dac1, dac104, adc1 and jitter induced sidebands can be measured the adc104 employ benchmarks using an fft analyzer. The benchmark dac1 pre is not only an excellent device for the money. To be honest the first few days i did not know what to think, because the difference was so big. The dac1 is far from obsolete, and most dac1 converters are still in use today. The dac1 was the benchmark several years ago and wasis known for strict neutrality. Has anyone found a downside between the models as one goes up the line. The biggest difference between the xda2 and dac1 is still the soundstage depth and width which is still better through the dac1.

If the original dac1 was a goliathslayer among dacs, the dac1 hdr is king leonidas and his 300 spartans slaughtering xerxes army in the battle of thermopylae. It has an excellent and highly rated headphone amplifier as well. Builtin dac1 digitaltoanalog audio conversion system 2channel. The benchmark dac1 has recieved stellar comments on this site. Ive been wanting to upgrade my 1644 playback for some time. My sony scd777es sacd player has been a great investment but as good as the cd player is, it is a bit long in the tooth and more recent dacs and players do sound better. Benchmark dac1 pre the benchmark dac1 is phenomenal. On a visit to sweetwater, elias gwinn from benchmark shows you the audiophile grade dac1 hdr, a stereo preamplifier and da converter. Packed into a compact, rugged enclosure finished in black are benchmarks ultralock and advancedusb audio technologies, and benchmarks hpa2 headphone. Also, there is still better separation and space around instruments in the soundstage when listening to the dac1, but that difference is also very. Their hdr offers additional benefits and appears to have no drawbacks in comparison other than price. The usbprehdr models have the upgraded opamps to address the forwardness sometimes mentioned with the base dac1.

It is the real thing, a bona fide hiend product capable of elevating a decidedly mediocre sounding system to a level that audiophiles can be proud of. The have audible and measurable effects on ad consistent performance delivered by the and da devices. Maybe not the best synergy with a neutral headphone like the hd800 for example. The benchmark dac1 hdr is an allinone referencequality dac, headphone amp, and stereo preamplifier which brings together all the best features and performance of the awardwinning dac1 family with the convenience of an intelligent remote control solution. The benchmark dac1 hdr is a professional 12rack digitaltoanalog converter dac, remotecontrolled preamplifier and firstrate headphone amplifier it comes included with a fullfunction remote control, so all you need to do is connect your analog and digital sources and your power amplifier, crossover or powered monitors, and youve got a complete professional audio playback system you. Benchmark media has a history of producing high quality dacs, and now has raised the bar with their dac1 hdr which incorporates their famed dac. Their best dac, headphone amp, and line stage are all included now with remote control. Just to say, having had a dac1 hdr, i now have a dac2 hgc and it sounds really wonderful. The dac2 hgc has many more features and higher performance. I shouldnt either as im running the unit balanced bypassing the volume control. The aptly named benchmark dac 1 hdr has the wellearned reputation as the one to beat even among far pricier dacs.

The dac1 is designed for maximum transparency and is well suited for critical playback in studio control rooms and in mastering rooms. Benchmark dac1 hdr digital to analog audio converter. The remote control solution of the dac1 hdr has an intelligent implementation of dimming and muting. Theres one tiny nick on the top left corner of the faceplate though its hard to see in the photo. The usb as its name suggests, the new dac1 adds a usb port to take digital audio data directly from a computer at sample rates up to 96khz and bit depths up to 24. Benchmarks pro audio product designs have achieved unprecedented sonic purity due to an uncompromising engineering philosophy. With some similarity to the dac1 hdr remote control operation, analog input. Benchmark dac1 pre usb da headphone amplifier measurements.

The stereo image provided by the dac1 was very wide and the bass performance with the hd650s and hd800s was very powerful. Benchmark media systems has its roots in professional audio. Designed for maximum transparency, the dac1 is well suited for critical playback in studio control rooms and in mastering rooms. The dac1 hdr preamps unique remote control is built around benchmarks new hdr vc high dynamic range volume control. Technics rackmount stand sh999 slimline series but should fit other makes v nice reduced. The dac1 hdr features a remotecontrolled motordriven alps volume control, and relayselected analog inputs. Adjustable volume control means the dac1 can be used as a digital only preamp in addition to its world class digital to analog conversion. I purchased this online from benchmark in september 2014. Benchmark dac1 pre usb da headphone amplifier dac1 hdr. The referencequality benchmark dac1 boasts benchmarks ultralock technology to deliver 2channel 24bit 192khz audio digitaltoanalog conversion. The dac1 has always doubled as a preamplifier, in that it has always had a volume knob that controls either or both the front panel headphone jacks andor the analog outputs. As the benchmark and monarchy amps did their thing, i no longer could find any sense of the dac1 being too analytical or piecemeal with the data. I know they switched op amps between the dac1 and the dac1 pre and dac1 hdr.

First impression was not too bad, with ample bass and some decent mids, but typical gritty mp3 highs. Put into perspective, that makes the dac1 actually quieter than the dac3 by around 4. Welcome to usaudiomart, a classifieds site for used audio and hifi. After checking around with other benchmark dac owners, none report reticent or polite bass. Benchmark added the dac2 in 2012 and discontinued the dac1 in july of 2015, after years of continuous production. I am using my benchmark dac1 hdr for my new headphones. Its small size and inclusion of not only a great dac but remote controlled preamp with analog input as well as a.

Cosmetically its in very good shape as seen in the photos. Buy a factory refurbished dac1 hdr exclusively on our website. Dac1 hdr instruction manual rev e page 5 overview the dac1 hdr is a referencequality, 2 channel stereo preamplifier with infrared remote control. I used the only the usb interface from my computer for tidal, and the analog out to my mono. Benchmark dac1 modified steve hoffman music forums. Disc benchmark dac1 hdr digital to analogue converter. Disc benchmark dac1 hdr digital to analogue converter, black the benchmark dac1 hdr digitaltoanalogue audio converter offers two channels of referencequality, 192khz 24bit audio with maximum transparency and a remote control function. But technology has changed in the last years, and it is now possible to build a better dac.

Benchmark media has a history of producing high quality dacs, and now has raised the bar with their dac1 hdr which incorporates their. Existing press suggests that the benchmark dac1 is a costperformance landslide on par with the bel canto design dac2. The dim quiet and softmute settings of the remote control can be easily adjusted independent of the normal volume setting. Theres no funny business and no software with which to screw. The dac1 hdr continues this tradition of excellence. Benchmark dac1 benchmark dac1 da converters audiogon. Hdrvc high dynamicrange volume control dac1 192khz, 24bit digitalto analog audio converter. Benchmarks dac1 hdr is my new reference for a highvalue, doitall dacpreamplifierheadphone driver. It uses the dac1 with an aftermarket outboard supply. I have had this unit for about 2 years and it has always operated flawlessly. Benchmark media systems are based in the state of new york and manufacture a range of professional digital and analogue audio products, many incorporating rather intriguing technology. Their dacs are very neutral, very small and very good value. The dac1 hdr remembers and recalls your specified dim setting. When benchmark medias dac1 digital to analog converter was.

Benchmark media systems dac1 hdr preamplifier tas 204 the. I had at home nad m51, and while it offer warmer sound, i didnt like the bass on usb connection, i didnt test spdif, and i still prefer benchmark dac1 prevlink 192. It was fluid and floral at the same time a lovely bouquet of sound which indicated to me that, functioning as a preamp, the dac1 has the ability to let the listener judge the qualities of the. Grace m903 is excellent i own it, the mytek 192 is another well regarded all in one box in this price category. When vance dropped off the marantz hddac1, i thought the first thing to try was the frontpanel usb input to see how it handled streaming from my iphone. I set headphone gain reduction jumpers as appropriate, leave the physical pot at max and use digital volume control upstream. Benchmark media dac1 pre you could spend more, yet doubt. Benchmark dac1 hdr preamplifier usb dac headphone combo. Any model can be toggled from line level to preamplifier mode. The benchmark dac1 hdr is a professional 12rack digitaltoanalog converter dac.

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